Joel Matip: Liverpool defender signs new deal until summer 2024

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Liverpool defender Joel Matip has already signed a fresh deal which will keep him at the club until summertime 2024.
Even the Cameroon international has scored two goals in nine appearances in all competitions for the Reds this season.
Matip helped Jurgen Klopps side to the 2018-19 Champions League title and joined Liverpool from Schalke in 2016.
it is a great feeling to be a more part of this club. Its really only a great feeling, he said.
From outside, you understand Liverpool is such a huge team – but when you are indoors, then you really get a feeling for how large the club is in most of the states – that the fans are everywhere. Its a massive and big club that I think every player would like to play .
We have a young and talented staff and I think each one of us is hungry. Now we have seen how it is to acquire something and we wish to have that feeling again.
Liverpools last two matches were missed by matip before the break but is expected to return to Manchester United.
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