Have the World Championships in Doha given any clues how Qatar will fare as World 2022 host?

Have the Athletics World Championships in Doha provided us any hints as to Qatar will fare as host of the 2022 World Cup?
Sky Sports News reporter Geraint Hughes accounts after spending 10 days in the championships.
Lessons to be learned for certain for Qatar 2022.
The words of Dahlan Al Hamad from the Doha World Athletics Championships organising committee who has presided in the Khalifa Stadium over a 10 days.
The attendances over several days in the Khalifa Stadium, a venue for the World Cup, will have raised an eyebrow or two. Could that happen for them?
Of what I found in Qatar, what I can tell you is the stadiums will be ready in a long time. All eight of them which form a layout a lot more akin. Its extremely compact, so the furthest distance from any two stadia is 55km. A comparison from the previous two World Cups isnt feasible! England fans do you remember Manaus at Brazil 2014? And Nizhny-Novgorod and the train journey from Moscow last calendar year?
Even the Lusail Stadium, rising from the floor will undoubtedly look incredible when finished in the end of next calendar year. The 80,000-seater arena will host the opening match and the final of Qatar 2022.
While there, I did have to look at the employees accommodation thats onsite.
From what I saw, and I have to make sure that Qatar 2022 took there me, the blocks appeared spacious and clean, food was plentiful and I got a couple of waves and smiles. Qatar 2022 project director Tamim Al Abed had been at pains to point out the things have vastly changed when it comes to the rights and requirements of migrant workers on Qatar 2022 construction projects saying the exploitation has long gone, workers do not pay a fee to a unscrupulousmiddle men just to have work, theyre paid punctually and electronically while living & leisure states are of high global standards. Contrast that with Amnesty International reports which increased concerns regarding the exploitation.
Technology developed around Qatar 2022 may not be needed during the months in which it is no longer the sweltering 40+ degrees Celsius its existed occasionally throughout the World Athletics. However, its a legacy project and the air conditioning systems inside the Al Janoub and Khalifa Stadium have been remarkable.
45 degrees Celsius can be 21 levels. How energy efficient and environmentally aware is the machine? Engineer Dr. Saud Abdulghani, who had been educated in the united kingdom, told me how he cools atmosphere two metres above the heads of spectators using recirculated air thats kept within a scene by a precise calculation of atmosphere pressure. He promised me he cooled the air through the night through water and used only the energy.
If your plan is to visit Qatar to watch World Cup matches, do your homework. It will be easy because the stadiums are so near one another, even recall that the traffic in and about to go about since it can be catastrophic.
Doha does as gas is extremely cheap compared to UK prices, have a Metro system which locals dont utilize in numbers as the vehicle is king Qatar, but may be pretty useful for football fans. Do become familiar with the regions customs and be respectful. Qatar 2022 is obviously the first World Cup to be held in the world and the Middle East.
With over three years before kick , progress is clearly being made in terms of infrastructure and theyve had a global event such as the World Athletics Championships to point out glaring classes to learn.
However, because the award of the World Cup by FIFA on December 2, 2010 so many concerns surrounding the bid and preparations for Qatar 2022 remain unanswered.

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